Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A major catch up !!

And yet again I have failed at my blogging duties.  I blame twin brain.  #1. I can't comfortably reach the keyboard anymore. #2. I think up all these great posts but when push comes to shove,  Oh LOOK!! Squirrel!!    lol!  I swear these babies have made me soo ADD it's not even funny!

So here we sit at 1 day shy of 35 weeks!  Further than we made it with the last set of twins (born 34w3d).  My Doc assures me that typical gestation is 35 weeks and each day is a victory.. So I'll take it :)

Let's try to play catch up...

Naturally having preggo brain I've probably forgotten half of what I should have posted but we'll just have to deal with it.    This pregnancy has been super smooth!  No bedrest whatsoever!!  Remember last time?  Bed rest at 29weeks!   It still amazes me that I got away with none this time!  Awesome!

So let's go back to 25wks preggo.  We had been trying to figure out a time that both parents could come and do a 3d u/s but it just wasn't working out.  So I went with my bestie T and we did one and gave them the pics/videos for their baby shower present! Lol! 

Things moved along fairly well. Every ultrasound showed each little girl in a different position but never head down.  Stinkers!  I actually contributed this towards not dilating and contracting early like I did with the Spanish Twins.  They were always head down and that pressure on the cervix had to be doing something.   Not these girls, they are happy to float along, usually transverse and almost always with their little heads together like they are telling secrets!  We have soo many pics of just their little heads together. I LOVE IT!! :)

28 weeks came and the lovely Glucose test -- which I failed by 9 measly points! ARGH!! What the heck?? I've never failed one!  So I got to do the lovely 3hr at my 30wk appt. Which I PASSED!  Ha!  Take that stupid glucose test!! :)

The fun thing at my 30week appt was that I was able to schedule it so I got the awesome u/s tech!  She even gave us a little 3D pic preview! Woohoo!  She is awesome!

For some reason no one seems to be able to see Baby B's pic but to me it's perfectly clear. lol.  It's a side shot and she has her arm curled up under her head..  Aren't they adorable?!   I love how much they look like real babies in these pictures!!! :)

 Our next appt was at 32w5d - after having had some contractions off and and the dr decided to check my cervix.  It was just 1 cm so we weren't too concerned! :)  This is my 5th pregnancy after all !  All in all things were going good!

Fast Forward us to last friday ( 34wk2d).  Jill (IM) and her MIL were able to come to the appt!  This one was especially nerve racking because I had to work soo hard to make sure that I didn't slip up and say the babies names.  Only Mom, Dad & I know the names and Gma was hoping with everything that we would slip up. lol.   We made it thru the day with no slip ups though! HA! :)   So we had another u/s with the great u/s lady!  Both babies were measuring right at 5lbs (A was 5lb 2oz, B was 4lb 14oz) and both were head down!  First time EVER!  How cool!  Of course these girls like to do somersaults like there's no tomorrow so I wasn't confident that they'd stay there. lol. They are soo active it's not even funny!  After the u/s we saw the dr.  We discussed the pros & cons of getting the steroid shots (I feel nervous not having them if I'm dilating at all b/c I constantly worry about when to go to the hospital with contractions -- soon enough for shots but I hate being sent home.) Dr told us that they are only good for like 2 weeks which we didn't realize so she would give them if we really wanted them but would prefer we wait until she felt we were closer to delivery so they didn't wear off too soon.  We all agreed with that! :)   Then we discussed birth options.  We have always been pro- vaginal birth.  I've never had a c-section and don't particularly want one.  The last twins were vaginal births, so I'm hoping these are as well.  Still we went over the scenarios.

1. Baby A Breech = c-section

2. Baby A & B head down = go for it! We always have the risk that B flips after A is out but the do their best to prevent that.

3.Baby A head down but B transverse -- now this one I don't recall which as which but dr says if B is transverse but facing down then she could try to rotate her into position and deliver.  If B was transverse but facing up then it was risk to rotate and would do a breech birth. (note- those two scenarios could be flipped, I don't remember which was which now. lol).

4. Baby A head down but B breech = could do a breech extraction b/c they don't rotate a breech baby due to possible cord issues.  I did not know this!

So after researching breech extraction (eek) and the possible complications for both the baby & me, Jill and I agree that we'd rather not risk it.  I worry about Baby B's spine getting injured or her head getting stuck and ending in cuts that could cause me more issues too.   So as of right now, the plan is if both are head down we are going for vaginal.  If any other scenario, then we'll opt for the c-section as the safer option.   Whew..

Anyhoo after this long discussion with the OB,  Jill & MIL stepped out so she could check my cervix. Fun times!!  After a few moments, dr looks at me and says well you are getting steroids today!  Apparently my cervix was now 3.5-4cm!  oops!! After a few minutes of discussing, we decided that I would head to the hospital on Sunday (dr was on call then) and get the first shot and another check, then back to the office on Monday for my 2nd shot.   You know what they say about the best laid plans, right??

After the fun cervical check (at 9am!) I spent the rest of the day with my back just killing me. I could not get comfortable and had some noticeable contractions but mainly just a horrible back ache.  MIL had mentioned that she had back labor for Nate (dad) and we all wondered if that was what was going on.  So after talking to the nurse line, I headed to the hospital just in case for a check. 

L&D trip #1 -  We got triage 3 (ha! same a with the last twins!) Now by the time we went in, I wasn't feeling a lot of contractions just mainly back pain. Just pretty uncomfy.  We got upstairs and got all hooked up to the monitors. My BP was a bit high for me (130/77) which I guess just proves I wasn't comfy? lol.  Our nurse was super nice but I feel maybe a bit new? She put the contraction monitor way high where it wouldn't pick anything up anyway.  After a bit of no contractions she went ahead and did a cervical check - announced my cervix was really hard to find (my dr says WTH? you have the easiest cervix in the world to find!) and decided that I was still the same dilation as this morning with the dr.  We did go ahead and get the first steroid shot and was told to come back the next night fo the 2nd one.

Horrible backache , some contractions on Saturday until it finally tapered off that evening (Go figure).  I arrived at the hospital for the next shot.

L&D trip #2 - We showed up for our shot and another very pg lady showed up with us and let me just say I think she waited a tad too long before showing up.  This woman was ready to go! lol!  She got in the wheelchair (I elected to walk) and we waited for the guard to show up and escort us up to L&D.  Meanwhile her husband said he'd just run out to the car and turn it off but he really went to the car, parked it, grabbed the bags ect.  So our guard showed up and the husband was MIA.   Our very pg lady said a few choice words and we decided to leave him behind and get her upstairs!  So off we go!  We just got into the elevator when the guard shack calls to tell our escort that the husband is on his way.  Again more choice words (and lots of moaning) from our pg lady.  We waited a minute or so but apparently the husband got lost and we left him. lol.  Poor woman, I felt for her.  I know that husband is going to get it when she gets her hands on him!  She kept saying- he was just supposed o turn the car off. *&^**&^&  lol.

So we arrive up in L&D and they whisk pg woman off to her room.  They asked me if I was having any contractions to which I said nope, not at this time!  So they decided that rather than go thru an entire triage process again, I could just go down to the ER and get my 2nd shot.   Works for me!

Downstairs to ER we went.  While we were waiting, a man came in all hyped up telling the receptionist that his wife was in labor!! (apparently he didn't do a tour and didn't know that you don't go to the ER b/c L&D has it's own entrance).  He went back to get her out of the car with a wheelchair.  In comes this calm woman. She calmly tells them she's 41wks, having contractions every 3-5mins. Her husband comes bouncing back in with a bag of McD's (omg ya'll ! They stopped at McD's for food on the way! LOL) and they are taken upstairs.   It was just hilarious the complete difference between the two situations.

So I got my shot and home again we went.    Sunday was another day of some back ache... some contractions (about 20mins apart) which eventually just tapered off.    I woke up Monday feeling great! I had actually slept for 7 hours and no contractions or back ache! Wooohoo!!

Onto our next dr appt  (now 34w5d). BP was up a bit again (135/80) but I had a headache.  Dr assured me that it was a bit high for me but wasn't high enough for them to be worried yet.  Belly measured 46weeks :)   Then for our cervical check --  apparently all those sporadic contractions over the weekend were doing something.  From 3.5-4 on Friday to 4.5 (possibly 5) on Monday.   Ooops!

And that's where we sit today.  Another appt tomorrow, if I get any further dilated my dr suggests a hotel close to the hospital b/c I have an hour drive from home. She thinks they will arrive within a week....  We shall see.  Things have been pretty calm the rest of yesterday and today so I think these girls are just chillin out.  Get everyone riled up and then sit back and giggle together.. lol.

Until next time...

Friday, April 8, 2016

19weeks #GestationalSurrogacy #ultrasound #Twins

It's been a while since I've checked in here.  I'm now 19wk2days!  We are over halfway to the finish line!!  With this being another twin pregnancy, my OB typically doesn't let you go past 37wks.  So definitely halfway!! :)   

Things are going well!  We had an ultrasound at 17w6d.  My lovely IM was able to come down for it and her Momma! :)  It was great to get to meet the babies' grandma! :)   Unfortunately we got the icky ultrasound tech.  I had her one time early in the pregnancy of the last twins and didn't care for her.  Her bedside manner is just less than ideal (she doesn't tell you anything that she's doing and pretty much ignores the room while doing her scans).  This just taught us not to schedule another ultrasound on a Tuesday! lol! :)  

All in all the babies look great!! Baby A is(was at the time) on my right side and BREECH.  Baby B on the left slightly angled and also BREECH!  What is up with this whole Breech thing girls?  Never in my history of carrying babies have I ever had one present breech at ANY time in the pregnancy.  These girls just want to go out with a bang! :) LOL   There is still PLENTY of time for them to flip around so I'm not too concerned..  Just seems a typical finding with these little divas :)   Oddly enough I realized later that the u/s tech never did any gender shots.  We obviously know via PGD testing that our little Divas are girls but it still seems odd that she didn't verify that for the record.  LOL.

Here's a peek at them : 

Baby A is doing what I believe is the duck face.  I think she must be practicing for some facebook selfies! :)   Baby B has her little arm/hand up under her head just relaxing!  Apparently their big brother always sleeps like that - how cute!! :)

According to the measurements Baby A was 1 day ahead with a heartrate of 158 and Baby B was 2 days behind with a heartrate of 144 but somehow they both were estimated to weigh (both 7oz) the same amount?  Go figure!   We also asked the tech about the placenta since we had that tiny bleed issue back at 14wks and were told we had a partial previa.  She assured us that it had moved out of the way - no worries.

Off we go to see my Dr who announced that both babies looked wonderful !  Both were currently breech (yup, we know!) and Baby A's placenta is now completely covering the cervix (plus slightly anterior).  WHAT?  The ultrasound tech told us it moved??  Apparently the report says complete previa.  BLAH.   So now we cross our fingers that this moves out of the way as my uterus grows (cuz we know there's still a LOT of growing to do!).  I'd rather not have a c-section with this last pregnancy! LOL!  Plus with the placenta where it currently is (anterior) the OB would have to cut thru the placenta to deliver baby A.  Uhmm, no thanks - not what I'm looking for in a birth experience.   Fingers crossed things move along like they should.  Right now these little Divas are trying to do everything they can to guarantee a csection with the previa and both breech.  But I'm sure if I explain things nicely they'll try to get with the program! :)

I have another OB appt next week - no clue why the dr decided to see me in 2 wks vs 4wks but I do what she says. lol.    Other than that bp was great, urine clear!  We're cruising along just great! 

Now if those babies would just agree to let me quit puking!  They have let up quite a bit, but usually at least once or twice a week they jump up and scream- HA JUST KIDDING! GO puke! :)  Boogers anyway :)

19 Weeks

Sources say the babies are now the size of a largo mango (or for those who prefer a non-fruit comparison a square kleenex box).  Arms & legs are finally in proportion, while neurons are now connected between the brain and muscles and cartilage throughout the body is turning to bone.  Serious upgrades going on in there!  It's estimated that movement should be felt between 18-21 weeks depending on a ton of factors.  So far I can feel some kicks and jabs if I'm laying quietly in bed but rarely do I feel tons of movement when I'm up and about :)

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Thursday, March 3, 2016

14 weeks :)

Hello my friends!  It's hard to believe we are finally 14 weeks and in the 2nd trimester! Woot!!  This have been moving along well.  I had some spotting on Monday and went into the dr for a check up on Tuesday.  I wasn't having any cramping so I wasn't super concerned but spotting is spotting and it's not normal!

First thing they did was an ultrasound! :) Yay! It's always so nice to see them ! Good news is that the babies are both looking wonderful.  Heartbeats were great and they were moving around (I can't wait to be able to feel that movement!!).  Both babies were measuring 2 days ahead (14w1d) .They are still laying in there stacked on top of each other like in little bunkbeds.  Silly girls! There's plenty of room, spread out!! :)   The u/s tech was able to determine that the spotting was due to one of the placentas being low lying and a tiny partial previa.  I've been told to expect spotting off and on but for now it's not a big worry b/c it's still very early and the placenta can move as my uterus grows.   I've spoken with several other friends who had the same issue and theirs all moved well before delivery.  And so we just watch it.  :)

Baby A was nice enough to give us profile shot :)

Baby B decided we should only get a front on skeletal view.. lol ;)

 14 Weeks -

At 14 weeks the babies are each the size of a lemon (or for those that like non-fruit comparisons - the size of a rubix cube). The sources say that morning sickness should be easing away and my appetite should be reappearing.  To those sources I say- try having twins.  Still taking my meds and still puking despite them a few times a week.  The appetite is pretty much non- existent but occasionally I have a moment of hunger :)

    How Big Is Baby: Dad-to-Be Edition
  • Baby's probably thumb sucking and wiggling his or her toes in there!
  • Baby's kidneys are making urine, and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs too.
  • And baby's growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over— it'll help keep the body warm!

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