Wednesday, August 27, 2014

27-34 Weeks..

Well I certainly slacked off there didn't I?

I would now be 38wk + 4days if I were still pregnant..  Instead the twins are now 4 weeks old!

Yes, you've missed a LOT..  I'm going to try to condense those last7 weeks into one post.

When we last chatted, I had made my very first non-delivery trip to L & D.  It was not to be my last.

At my 29.5 week appt,  I was dilated to 1.5  and given my first steroid shot to help mature the babies lungs *just in case*.   I had to go back the next day for a second shot. Instead I had some cramping that evening and the following morning so the Dr had me just go straight to L & D to be checked and get my 2nd shot there. - aka Trip # 2 to L & D.   Hooked up to the monitors and it just showed irritable uterus - no further dilation (yay).  I earned another check up at the Dr the following day though..   I was now 2.5cm dilated and I'd been having the cramping ect and so we started Procardia to help calm my uterus.  I began the - take it easy but not completely strict bedrest.  Back to the dr on Monday to check things and thankfully there was no more progression.

My next Dr appt wasn't until 31 wk + 4days..  If we learned anything it was watched uterus does nothing (last appts were Friday til Monday - no progression... ) yet if you feel comfy and wait a week + between appointments then naturally you'll change..  I was up to 3cm and back to 2 xweek appts.

So far all our ultrasounds had looked good.. The babies were doing well and I wasn't have any huge contractions, just the irritable uterus..  My appt at 31 wk + 6days was back to showing no change.. Still my Dr thought it might be a good idea if my IPs were to come soon.. Initially she told me if we got to 4cm I would be on hospital bedrest.. EEK..  We did up the dosage of procardia to hopefully hold things off a bit long. I was reminded that if I had any painful contractions I should go to L&D immediately b/c she did not want me to have these babies in the car on the way to the hospital.  At the time I laughed at her... My labors have always been very long and this quick delivery she kept predicting was something that would never happen to me.. My shortest labor was 11 hours and that was induced...

Still I heeded her advice and went back to L&D a few days later.  I had the single worst experience of my life.  The man-handed nurse kept declaring that I was no more than 2cm and barely effaced.. She wasn't picking up any contractions until she readjusted the monitor and realized hmm I guess she is having some (2 in 20mins before she took the monitor off and sent me home)...  I swore not to go back to the hospital unless my water had broken..

My next appt (32w+4days) and I was up to 3.5cm  90 % effaced..  Getting close to that 4cm cut off but she was content to let me go home.  !   My IPs were due to fly in the following week so I repeatedly told the babies that they had to wait for Mommy & Daddy to arrive.

We were able to go to our last OB appt together (33weeks+3days) where my IPs got to see an u/s. We did a BPP (biophysical profile) of the babies and also looked at Baby Boy's cord b/c he was measuring smaller at the previous u/s.   Both babies got perfect scores on the BPP (yay babies) - Baby Boy practiced his breathing like a pro & Baby Girl had some hiccups..   Baby Boy was now measuring 15% smaller but still a good size for his gestation.  Still it worried me some that they had always been 1-2% apart in their measuring and suddenly he was dropping back...

Once my IPs were here- things calmed down.. I think the babies chilled out and were like 'nevermind, we'll just hang out'.    I was still on bedrest and going a bit stir crazy.  One of my best friends had been up every day taking care of the kids, cleaning my house and constantly reminding me how grumpy I had become.. lol.. What are friends for?!  I was getting darn uncomfortable - considering I was measuring 53 weeks (yes that's over a YEAR pregnant) I'd say it was understandable..   Getting off the couch/ out of bed/ off to toilet was pretty much an adventure in itself.  The family laughed and then helped me up.   I was beginning to wonder how big the belly could possibly get without the uterus rupturing..

The last several weeks I could not reach the keyboard around my belly (part of why I never posted anywhere... ha) and Baby Girl was constantly in my ribs.  Boy oh Boy did she like it up there.. I was always shoving her back down again..

Every morning my IM would come downstairs (they were staying at the house with us), look at me and say "Ohh you are bigger!".   lol..  She would definitely agree with an earlier statement I made that my belly was much bigger in person that it was in pictures.

We were told that when we hit 34weeks (July 26) I could go off my Procardia.. We decided to go ahead and just finish out the bottle which would take me roughly to July 29th.. My Dr was going on vacation that week so I had informed the twins that they would stay put no matter WHAT until she got back in town..  We all know what happens when you tell a child anything...

July 28th- I was sure was the day.. It was a Monday. I spent most of Sunday completely uncomfortable and finally Monday morning I had enough and was ready to to the hospital.  I'd been timing my contractions every 5mins for several hours..  My Dr was suppposed to be on vacation and I knew it was just my luck.  We got around and when my IPs woke up, we told them that we were going to go to the hospital to get checked out.  I assured them that the didn't have to come with us because with my luck I'd get sent home again but IM wanted to be there.

Into L&D we went.. I got Triage room 3 (the same room of the horrible experience from last time) and had already informed DH that if he saw ManHand nurse he was to make sure that she was NOT my nurse no matter what he had to do.  Thankfully we had a nice nurse this time around.  I got hooked up to the monitors and could see the contractions every 5mins plus lots of irritable uterus.  I stayed for an hour and since there was no change I was sent home again..  "Irritable uterus".  *sigh*  I give up.   I swore this was it.   So since I was now having painful contractions every 5mins I was told to come back if the intensity got worse or they got closer together..  It was beginning to seem like no matter what happened these babies weren't going to make an appearance.

**Note- I did not want these babies to come early at all but at this point in the pregnancy we were at the "safe zone" and contractions were wearing me down..

Stay tuned for the birth story....

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