Friday, October 25, 2013

A letter from an Intended Mother

Today, what a treat !! My IM (intended mother), Patricia, has written a letter to share on the blog.  Do you see why I love her??  : sigh:  (fyi-  Whatsapp for those who don't know , because honestly I had not a clue what it was before I met Patricia, is just a free text messaging app.  Apparently they use it a lot in Spain!).   Also,  Patricia asked that perhaps I fix her English, being not her first language..  I  think it's perfectly understandable and I think it adds to her charm (at least to to read it as written.

Madrid, 24th October 2013

Dear Powerful Mother, 

A sunny afternoon of August you came into my life.  In my Inbox had a very special message..  "Have found a possible surrogate mother for you"...  My heart was throbbing 1000 beats per hour and couldn't wait to know more about you and your family.  My first impression was good, very good, but as I was reading your profile was falling over you. 

Later, we met via Skype.  You were a little shy and we very happy to see you and be able to speak face to face.   We immediately became friends thanks to the whatsapp.  Everyday both know more than the others and that make me feel very secure about you.  I know that our baby will very well be with you;  you care for him and take care of him as if he would be yours.   And although the day he born soon will come to Spain, we will always carry you in our hearts because you've given him life... and that always tahnk and remember the years we still have life. 

For having been born, for being as good and generous as you are.  Thanks you very much Mrs. Powerful. 



  1. Thank you for publishing my letter...I'm glad you like it!

  2. Hi!!

    I´m Leny, Patricia´s sister-in-law. Thank you for creating this blog.It will be really exciting following the pregnancy of my lovely nephew,niece or both...Hope to see you soon.
    Best regards

    1. Thanks for stopping by Leny!! I can't wait to meet you soon! :)