Sunday, October 4, 2015

Transfer Story :)

Long story short : Transfer went smoothly, waiting to pee..

Long story long :

So T and I headed up to ChiTown rather late.  Between her kids having activities and then her work (where she accidentally locked her keys and had to wait for someone to come open up the building to let her back in- HA), we left even later than we had planned.  All is good in that we missed rush hour, but we also missed Lou's.  We knew that we most likely wouldn't make it up there before they closed so we stopped at TGIF's where I had never been.

Let's set the mood - the hostess asked us if we wanted dining or bar area? We replied that we wanted a booth and didn't care where it was.  She proceeded to take us to the bar area - which we're thinking, great! We don't have our kids, why have to listen to someone else's? ha!- until we saw the booth.  It was one of those little 2 person booths which means there's barely enough room for you and your purse. LOL.  Sigh.  Oh well.   Then we ordered the endless apps, which is a pretty neat deal but when you have a dollhouse sized table, there's just not much room on it for the endlessness of the apps. Jokes were made that I won't repeat here but we had a good ole time! :)

We arrived in our hotel at around 10pm?! Back in the same hotel we stayed at prior to the twins' transfer! :)  The only thing we learned here was that vending on the hotel map now just means the ice machine and no pop machines, but hey they sell pop at their little 'market' for $2.50 per 20oz bottle. No thanks!  Back into the car to find a gas station, which was actually quite hilarious once we got there the long route only to realize we could have went thru the back parking lot and it was literally right.there.!  Maybe you had to be there but it amused me to no end !

I am not even sure how many times I woke up that night wondering if my alarm hadn't went off. In the end, we were both up and ready to leave 30+mins before it was time to leave. Which is actually pretty ironic since we ended up having traffic issues and were 10mins late. LOL! OOPS!

We got put in this little room (not a pod w/glass doors like before) that was kinda hidden off by itself. It had a real door, u/s machine and everything.  I was texting IM (who didn't come this time around) and she says either we are getting the VIP treatment or they hide the silly people (I'm pretty sure she meant crazies) there. LOL!!

T & I looking stylish before transfer :)

So all went well- I got taken back to the transfer room without flashing anyone - always a plus in my book!  Hopped up on the table and got settled in.  I love that the staff there is so sweet! They had absolutely no problems with us videotaping it :) Of course the size of said video may take me 2 days to upload to share with IM... lol.  

This transfer went smoothly.  No bad feelings, all good. I didn't mention it last time but with the last transfer the RE seemed to have a difficult time getting the catheter where he wanted it and it made me little nervous.  This time it was more of a wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am type of thing. Boom little embie was in a nice spot in my uterus.   Ohh, did you notice  I said embie not embies? Yes, we transferred two but you see one decided that it wanted it's own little ride and didn't want to share with a sibling.  So after a transfer the catheter goes back to the embryologist who checks to make sure the embryos are out and yells CLEAR... only this time, we did not get the green light. One little embryo was a good girl and vacated the catheter like she was supposed to, and one little embryo was a bit more stubborn. So we had to do the actual transfer again to get it out. LOL!  So technically that was two transfers instead of one, right? Lol  In the end both are snuggled in and hopefully at least one is going to stay!

The twins' mama says if I pee on day 5 and get a + then it's twins but if I don't get a ++ until day 6 or later than it's just 1. LOL :)

Tomorrow is 4days past transfer.. I'm not sure when I'll start peeing.  They say that you should always do first thing in the morning pee b/c it's the most concentrated. "They" apparently don't realize that even non-pregnant (or 2wk pg) me gets up several times at night to pee. lol. I'll be reporting back soon with some results, fingers crossed for good news!

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