Wednesday, December 2, 2015

One more try! :)

Well ladies and gents, I've been neglecting you for a while.  Two negative cycles after always having positives the first try has been rough.  I can't even begin to imagine how IM has been feeling after going through so many more herself before moving onto surrogacy.

We have been gearing up and are now in the midst of our third and final cycle.  Third time's the charm, right?

So far all is going well!  I had my 2nd u/s & bloodwork  yesterday - Lining was a nice 8.4mm and estrogen was slightly low at 85. I added some oral estrogen to my regimen and feel confident that things are moving along nicely!

One more u/s & bloodwork check next week and the the transfer is Dec 14!!  Wish us luck!

In odd news - I received a new Lupron box with meds for this cycle. For the first time in 5 cycles (the 1st & 2nd surrogacies plus the 2 failed cycles ) I have different lupron needles.  They look completely the same on the outside, but the actual needle is shorter.  WEIRD!

Top is the new needle, lower is the normal old needle.

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