Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome to my chaotic world....

Welcome!  My first post on the new surrogacy blog!

I once saw the cutest thing over on pinterest.  Yes I'm a bit of an addict to of  pinterest and cute sayings..

 " I make families.  What's your superpower? "

Hence the title of this blog -  Surrogacy is my superpower !   Love it :-)

You can check out my About Me page above for a little more background, I thought we'd just jump right into it here.  It has taken me a little while to get this blog set up and so I have blogged a little about surrogacy on my family blog (just search the label Surrogacy).  I'll give a very brief recap :

My previous surrogacies (one completed, one attempted ) were both independent.  This time,  I decided to go with an agency.  I wanted to sit back and let someone else do part of the work for once.  Yes, I get older and lazier.. ha!

I applied with a few different agencies knowing that what I was really looking for was the best match.  Location didn't matter.  I wanted the best possible match for me and for my future IPs.  It honestly didn't take long at all!   Zara at Family Source Consultants was able to match me fairly quickly and with the best possible match I could have imagined!

My IPs  ( J- IF & P - IM) are from Spain which seems like a world away but even after only a few short months of knowing each other, we are forming a friendship that I know will last throughout time.  I can't even begin to tell you how fun it is to know that at 12:30 I can usually except a text from P (my IM).  We chat like we've been friends forever.   I simply cannot wait to be pregnant with their little one(s) !!

At this point in our journey -

  • We skyped our first meeting (my first skype ever) with Zara (agency director), a translator, J & P.  It was a busy skype!! ha!   It was wonderful to hear their voices and see them! 
  • The Husband and I completed our psych evaluation.. Yep, passed - I'm not certifiable crazy ! woot! woot!
  • We waited ... a lot..
  • Finally got all the paperwork turned in and waited for a medical screening appointment.
  • We waited some more.   
  • We FINALLY got our appointment for our medical screening -- Nov 1.
  • And now we are - yes, say it with me,  Waiting some more.
The only progress (and yes, P & I are measuring any small amount of progress ) is that I got to start the dreaded birth control pills (I hate them, they give me headaches. bleck).   Hey, it's something  right?!

So for now, we sit in a waiting pattern.  The good news is that P & J have frozen embryos just waiting to snuggle into my uterus - that speeds up things just a tad.   The bad news it that they have frozen embryos just waiting - waiting drives me crazy.. I need to learn more patience.. ha. 

The next step is our Nov. 1st appointment.  IF and that's a very big IF, after that appointment we can manage to get contracts done within 2 weeks- then we will be on track for starting meds (woohoo!) in mid-November and transferring embryos in early December..  If we don't make the November cut off, then we will be waiting to start meds and cycle in January. 

I personally will have every body part possible crossed that we can make it and be pregnant sooner rather than later :) 


  1. congrats on the.... waiting? lol! Hope it goes well, and moves along quickly :)

    1. Thanks Essie! Waiting is just Oohhh so much fun! :)