Wednesday, October 9, 2013

When a name isn't really a name.

Well there's just not a lot going on here right now .. I am on week 2 of my birth control pills and so far no major headaches !  Woot!  In the past (many many years in the past, when I actually used these silly things), I had a very hard time finding a bcp that didn't give me horrible headaches.  One relief at least!

We are still at a standstill - waiting on my Nov. 1st appointment to finally get here.  Patience is not my strong suit.. LoL!

The only progress that I can report at this time is that Patricia* and I have been hashing out the details of the contracts.  Normally, we wouldn't start contracts until after medical screening - to save $$ just in case something came back disqualifying me from being a surrogate .. However, we have little patience and have to do something !  We figured we can go thru an old contract and see what we agree and disagree with ourselves - so when the time comes we just hand it to the attorney and tell her to write it up!    We do only have a window of roughly 15days to get the contract done and signed (between my medical screening & when we would start meds if we want to make a transfer yet this year), so any little bit helps.

For now- things are very boring here!   Don't worry, soon enough I will have lots of fun updates and pictures to share.. We all know I babble endlessly so I'm trying my best not to just babble meaningless stuff over here! :)  That's best saved for the regular blog.. HA!

*A side note -- Surrogacy is illegal in many European countries.  Due to this, many international Intended Parents come to the United States to find a surrogate.  My IPs are from Spain- where surrogacy is illegal, and due to this there will be no identifying pictures of them & their loved ones.  Also - I'm just going to say it here : the names used are not their real names.  IM picked out cute fake names for me to use so I wasn't constantly calling them IM/IF ect!   I am thankful to her for that and hey she's better at renaming people than I am because if I had to do it who knows what she might have gotten.

And so I introduce you to my IM -  Patricia  , my IF - Jaime  and Patricia's sister in law (who is also reading along and will be visiting during the pregnancy) Leny !  


Hi LENY !!

Until next time,

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