Sunday, December 15, 2013

4 days til Transfer !!

Hello my friends !!

Not a whole lot new going on here. I  have no new lining checks or bloodwork since I was looking fabulous last time. Now I just wait for the transfer (4 days!!).

In the meantime, I did add some meds, quit some meds and up the dosage of some meds.

My vivelle patches have increased twice since we last 'talked'.  I had two days (1 application) of 3 patches.. Which quite frankly disappointed me because 3 patches you can make into cute designs..

Ta Da- Mickey Mouse head!! 

Have we really talked about the vivelle patches?  
You see they are meant to be left on for 1 week.  Instead, I must change them every other day.  So pulling those little boogers off is quite the accomplishment!  I am beginning to look a bit like a leopard with all my 'spots'.  My oldest happened to be in my bedroom last night after I had changed patches (and yes I was walking around in my undies, sorry- it was bedtime!) and immediately asked me why I didn't wash all those marks off.  Believe me child, I try. You have to scrub and scrub and pick and scrub some more to get them off.. ARGH!!  

Anyhoo, I had one change of the cute 3 patches to make my Mickey Mouse head (yes I'm a Disney freak!) , and then since then I've been on 4 patches which really only makes a square or diamond shape.  Blah.  BORING..

On Friday (12/13/2013), I was able to do my final lupron shot!  While I celebrate briefly, I was quickly reminded that stopping Lupron meant I would be starting Progesterone. Eek!

On Saturday (12/14), I got to start a whole new slew of meds - such a timetable that I downloaded a new app to help remind me! ha! 

At this point, I am now on a Zpack (antibiotics) as well as Medrol  several times a day.  I started the lovely Crinone gel - a first for me , my last surrogacy we only did the PIO shots.  Instead I have this lovely vaginal suppository to do twice a day. 
Our nurse coordinator actually informed me that until recently they had stopped the PIO shots and were only doing the Crinone gel.  However, patients were a little leary of not seeing nice high progesterone levels in their blood (being a vaginal suppository, obviously it's being applied directly to your cervix and not needing to go thru your bloodstream like PIO), and so sadly even though they felt the gel was plenty of progesterone, they added the PIO back in.. Joy for me.

Last night was my very first PIO shot.  The Husband gave it to me because #1. No way could I shoot myself up with that big ass needle #2. I am not a contortionist and can't reach well to shoot myself in the butt..   I will admit that I am a wimp and asked for the Emla cream (numbing cream) to use prior to it.. I did indeed use it, then got the PIO ready (drawn up with one needle, then switch out for a slightly smaller needle) and called The Husband in to give it to me.  Quite honestly, it really didn't hurt much.  I just stress myself out over needles.  There may have been tears (mine) and laughter (his) over my over dramatic reaction to a shot that I am committed to giving myself for weeks and weeks.   Hey, one down- too many to go, right?!   I will have to take a picture of the needle to share with you.. I'm probably just a big wimp but at least I admit it.

Meds Taken So Far :

2 ish months of BCPs
21 lupron shots
25 vivelle patches (estrogen)
17 baby aspirin (to prevent clots since estrogen can cause it)
17 prenatal vitamins 
11 Estrogen pills
Z-Pack pills
4 2 ish months of BCPs
17 lupron shots
13 vivelle patches (estrogen)
11 baby aspirin (to prevent clots since estrogen can cause it)
11 prenatal vitamins
5 Estrogen pills
Crinone Gel ( progesterone in the form of vaginal suppository)
2 PIO shots


  1. hey! i'm from the forum, i like your blog! i see that you had the transfer yesterday (right??) how are you doing bed-ridden? feeling good? update!! :D

    1. Bwahaha! Sorry! I'm finally off my "couch potato" bedrest-- it was harder than I thought! Transfer update with pictures coming very soon!