Monday, December 9, 2013

Lining Check #2 & #3

I've had a crazy busy week and haven't had a chance to post yet.   Soo, on Thursday (12/5) I had my second lining check and bloodwork.

Lining- 8 luscious mm
Estrogen- 66

Oopsie. Apparently my estrogen was a teensy bit on the low side.  They like it to be over 100.  No wonder I wasn't feeling completely crazy in the head yet. ha.  And so in addition to my lovely estrogen patches that are a complete pain to redo every other day (they are made to stay on for a week, so taking them off after 2days tends to remove some skin too. lol!), I got to add a pill.  Orally, for the record.

Since I was a bit on the low side, FCI asked that I go back today (Monday 12/9) to get another check rather than wait for my normal appt on 12/12.  And so off I went to visit the vampires yet again.

Thankfully the vampire nurse got my vein on the first shot this time. No digging for those lovely rolling veins! YAY!  And then off to the u/s. 

Have I mentioned the Wienie wand?  I had to take my 5yo with me to my appt on Thursday due to him having a dr appt far away afterwards.  So I sat him in the chair next to the u/s table and gave him his DS.

I got undressed and was sitting on the table with the sheet over me when he looks over and laughs.  Momma, why did you take your clothes off?  Thankfully a few minutes later he was engrossed in his ds again and paid no more attention.

Anyhoo back to the weinie wand.  Maybe it's just me but anytime the u/s tech tries to find my left ovary, it hurts like the very dickens!  I flinch and try to crawl away from her every darn time.   BLAH..

Today's stats:

Lining - a plump 10.7 mm  (anything over 8 is good)
Estrogen- 211 (anything over 100 is good).

The clinic nurse said everything looks PERFECT..  And so now the real countdown begins.

10 days til transfer !!!

Meds taken so far :

2 ish months of BCPs
17 lupron shots
13 vivelle patches (estrogen)
11 baby aspirin (to prevent clots since estrogen can cause it)
11 prenatal vitamins
5 Estrogen pills

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