Friday, January 10, 2014

News!! At Last!!

Hey guys!  I'm sure you think I've been ignoring you!  I promise, I wanted to post oooh so long ago (like before CHRISTMAS!!) but my nervous IM wanted to wait until after the beta to tell anyone the news and since some family reads here (Hi Leny!), I had to hold my tongue..  I'm sure you can understand how hard that was on me..

So let's walk back in time...

The transfer of 2 gorgeous blastocysts was on Dec. 19th.

Me, being me, began peeing on peesticks aka home pregnancy tests aka HPTs on Sunday (3dp5dt - 3days past a 5 day transfer).  Naturally it was negative.  Way too early to see anything but I figured, what the heck.. Let's pee!

I peed again on Monday night (12/23- 4dp5dt) which was negative....

I was starting to get frustrated and thought that I would NOT pee again for a while.. But I really wanted a ++ for my IPs before Christmas..

So I peed yet again (yes I have a peeing problem.. I need help. ha) and guess what??

I sent this to my IM

 I looked back at my peestick from the night before (4dp5dt) and it had a faint squinter line!  AHHH!!

I was soo thrilled to finally see two lines!  Woohoo!! 

Two days later, Patricia asked me if I was still pregnant.. ha. After giggling to myself, I went and peed on a stick immediately to share with her :

yeah baby! Look at those lines!!!

Oh yeah, I'd say we're still pregnant!! :)

I even took a few at Disney just because I could.. lol..

I was due for my beta (blood test to check the HCG level) on 12/31/13.. Alas, I was at Disney and so we planned to wait until I got home to do it.  My ivf nurse gave me a few HPTs to take while we were gone (silly woman didn't realize I'd be peeing well before then!). So FCI called me to ask if I'd peed yet.  I smiled and told them that I had been getting +'s since 4-5days past transfer.  The nurse I talked to was all "Oh, you can't test that early.. Probably you still had the HCG shot in your system. "   Uhm, honey, I'm a surrogate, I know what I'm doing and I did NOT have an HCG shot...  She was a little quiet and then said wow. Congratulations..  ha.

We finally got home and was due for my beta this past Monday (1/6/14) but due to the lovely blizzard that we got, my monitoring clinic was closed down for two days.  I didn't want to wait and I didn't want my IPs to wait because although I was perfectly happy with my HPTs and all the two line glory, I knew that they would feel more comfortable having a nice beta # as well.   So I went to the local MedStat and had my blood drawn.  And then we waited..

The beta should have been in on Tuesday.  After tons of calls, it was determined that the lab never picked up the blood on Monday (due to the roads, Thanks Blizzard!) and it would be picked up on Tuesday night.

Wednesday finally came along with my Beta results.   My ivf nurse had already told me that if my number happened to be above 2,000 then I wouldn't have to do the normal repeat beta but if it was below then we'd do blood work again today.  So when she called and told me my beta # she immediately said " No more blood work for you!"

18dp5dt beta -- 8,808 !

Wowsas!  Look at that number!  Woohoo :)  I would say we are most definitely preggers!  ha!

My progesterone level was good and so I get to finish off this vial of PIO (big shots) and the quit it.. I will have to continue the evil estrogen patches and the progesterone gel until 10weeks pregnant (so roughly another month).

I will be 6 weeks pregnant tomorrow .  Yes, ivf pregnancies seem to go by really quickly in the beginning. 

Weight Gain-  nada..
Symptoms - nausea .. Omg the nausea.  Super sleepy.

And now we wait for the first ultrasound to find out how many little ones are snuggled in there.  Anyone wanna place bets???

The first ultrasound is Wednesday at 11:30am.  I'll update when I get home sometime that afternoon.. You have until then to place your thoughts in the comments below! lol!

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  1. Hi Super Woman!!! I would like to have two babies. But with a baby I am happy as well. I am anxious to know how many. No more than two please. ha ha. The most important thing is that the babies are well and have a strong health. Thank you so much.