Thursday, January 16, 2014

First Ultrasound News...

Hello everyone!!  We have a new reader among us!  Welcome Anne!! 

We finally had our first ultrasound yesterday!  I had a small bit of bleeding on Sunday but was assured that all was okay because it stopped and I had no cramping ect..  Still I think we all had a little bit of nervousness in the back of our heads.

My bestie went with me to the ultrasound and was able to tape record it for my IPs.  Toward the end, the ultrasound tech realized she was taping and said "You aren't allowed to videotape anything " and pointed to a sign on the wall.. Ha.  Too late now.  We were able to get the heartbeats on tape for my IPs to hear.. LOVE IT!

Here's a picture of the ultrasound :

As you can see, we have two little creatures growing in there!!  YAY!  Not the best of pictures since I took a picture of the u/s.  lol.  Bascially  Baby A is in one position while Baby B is in a different..  They actually both measure pretty close to the same! 

Baby A - 6.9mm long   Heartrate - 121bpm
Baby B - 5.6mm long   Heartrate - 120 bpm

At the time of the ultrasound, I was 6w4d pregnant... Baby A is an overachiever measuring at 6w5d! Baby B is right on target at 6w4d.  

The questions we asked :
1. Why is Baby A's  "bubble" (as my oldest daughter called it) bigger than Baby B's ?
 Answer - mostly positioning of the ultrasound wand.. Also, it's possible that Baby A implanted earlier than Baby B.  I am guessing that Baby A was the hatching embryo so he (or she) had a headstart!

2. Can we tell if they are identical or fraternal.. ie.. Did one embryo take and split or did both embryos take.
 Answer - If both were in the same sac (they are not), then we would know for sure that they were identical.  Because they are not, there is no way to tell if they are identical or fraternal until we have the gender ultrasound at closer to 20weeks.   I am going with the theory that they are fraternal because I like to think that they both took! lol!  One boy, One girl.. :)   Oh and while we are at it.. Ms.Random and I have decided that Baby A must be the boy because his "bubble" is bigger and he's just being a normal boy showing off ! ha !

And that is the ultrasound news!!  I have one more ultrasound next week (Tuesday) to check growth.  And then I can finally be released from FCI and be able to just be a normal pregnant person and not so micro-managed.. AT LAST!

Tired.. So very tired.  I would like to just sleep all day.  and all night.  ha!
Nausea..  Still a constant in my life.   I'll be happy for that to go away!

Weight Gain- Nada.   yay!

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