Friday, February 14, 2014

Week 10 Update

Hi everyone!!  Happy Valentine's Day!! 

I had an OB appt on Wednesday and got to see the babies again..  My oldest daughter says they look like little turtles.. HA!  I may have to nickname them Turtle A and Turtle B :-)

Everything is looking great!  Baby B's gestational sac was much smaller in previous ultrasounds but he/she has caught up and they look very similar again.   It was amazing to see how much they have changed.. Baby A was very active- bouncing around on his/her head constantly and waving little arm buds at the camera!!  It's amazing to watch!!

I've lost a little bit of weight..  Morning sickness with Twins is double the fun.. ugh.  But my dr was nice enough to give me a few more samples to help with it.. My fingers are crossed that I only have another week or two before it should let up!!

Twin A -  Measures 10Weeks 6days (43mm) with a heart rate of 173

Twin B- Measures 10Weeks 4days (40mm) with a heart rate of 178

They are driving me crazy trying to guess which Twin is the girl and which is the boy.  I keep hoping that their heart rates will differ enough to try and guess.  Right now they both seem like girl heart rates to me.. :-)  

Side note- I was exactly 10weeks 4days at the appt so as usual Twin B is right on target while Twin A is a little overachiever and 2 days ahead of schedule!

Now for the fun part..  Some ultrasound pics of the itty bitty ones:

Look how cute they are together!!  It looks like twin A is smacking Twin B on the butt (twin B is upside down).. HA!!  I got home and realized that they were making a perfect heart shape!!  I couldn't resist but make a Valentine's day card for my IPs :

Please excuse  my poor heart drawing.. ha..  It's the thought that counts!!

No more doctor appointments for an entire month!!  Hopefully these babies calm down a little and start liking the stuff I eat.. ha.   I am officially 100% in maternity clothes even though I've lost weight..  Weird huh?!  Talk to you again soon !!

Weight Gain:  -3lbs

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