Thursday, January 30, 2014

Twins = Sleepy me..

Today is my birthday!  Happy birthday, I'm a year older.. Blah!  It's all good- I quit counting years once I hit 29 (8years ago).. I'm staying forever 29, at least for a few more years.. ha!!

My bestie made me the cutest cup for my birthday.. I just had to share it with you guys !

Surrogacy is My Superpower..   Just to match my blog!  Perfect!! :)   I love it to pieces! I'm going to start taking it with me to Dr appts and stuff! ha :)

She also shared this with me  which quite honestly hits the nail right on the head!

Maybe I'm just getting older.  I haven't been pregnant in 10years.. Or maybe it's the fact that this is the first TWIN pregnancy I've had.. Either way, I'm tired people..  I mean - take a nap every day - kind of tired.   But as my loving husband reminds me daily- You're growing two human beings in there.. It has to be exhausting work.. ha!   I'll be happy to get past this phase.. I'm confident that once I can get past the nausea stage and stop those meds (which also make you sleepy), I'll have a lot more energy..  Fingers crossed!

Check out the tickers under my signature.. I love the first one that tells you what's going on.. Amazing , isn't it?!

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