Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Breastfeeding and Pumping is NORMAL.

Do you ever get that look from people?  The one that says what in the heck are you doing and why?   I tend to get that a lot lately.  I am still pumping breastmilk and donating it.  Yes, the twins have been home for two months now and I can't ship it overseas so I have been donating to a milk bank.  I think perhaps when I was pumping for the twins everyone seemed to get it.  That's okay.  I birthed them, it's a little weird but I can provide them with food.  Now that I'm still pumping for random sick preemies, I get a lot of "what a wonderful thing you are doing" but it's also punctuated with raised eyebrows and slightly rolled eyes insinuating that I may be slightly off my rocker.

To those naysayers - Bite me.   My husband is supportive and I enjoy doing it.  Bugger off.

With that off my chest,  anyone want to see what 4 weeks of pumping looks like?

Voila!  730 oz of breastmilk ready to be shipped off to the milk bank!  Technically it wouldn't all fit in the 2 coolers that I had, so I did save back part of it for the next shipment.

I'm at a standstill on the weight loss - which honestly is probably mostly because I'm not watching calories or what I eat.  Oh well, I'm 20+lbs lighter than I've been in years.  Do I want to lose more weight? Of course! Am I upset that I'm not? Not really, it'll come off if/when it does.

Surrogacy stuff has been on the backburner.  The Twins are 3months old today!  It's hard to believe. Some days it seems like just yesterday I was still hugely pregnant and others (especially when IM sends pictures and I see how big they've grown!!) it seems like much longer!    I was definitely blessed with this match.  I love my IPs and our relationship. I still get updates and pictures all the time, which is amazing because HELLO she is taking care of TWO babies.  I can only imagine how exhausting that must be!   Last report was that they are growing like little weeds!  Baby Boy had already doubled his birth weight at 2.5months and Baby Girl wasn't far behind!  Monster twins, I tell you!

A friend contacted me yesterday and asked if I would talk with her friend who was interested in becoming a surrogate.  Just talking to that friend of a friend reminded me how much I love this and made me realize that I most likely do want to do this again.    I tend to get stuck in that rut - I would carry for my IPs again in a heartbeat (Hello dear IM - frozen totsicles just waiting on us!!) but of course with twins I think it will be a few years before they are ready again (if ever), so do I really want to go searching for a new couple?  I have been blessed with two wonderful couples -both of which I've formed great relationships and lasting friendships.  At times, I'm almost scared to jinx myself and try again.   I'm half tempted to contact my agency and see who they have waiting that might be a match, but again I am still pumping and donating and I'd have to stop that to start another journey ...   Decisions , decisions. 

You will be among the first to know! :)

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