Friday, September 4, 2015

Let's try this again...

So I never updated because I suck.. lol.

Our first cycle was negative.


I know..  I guess there's a first for everything :(  I was pretty bummed to say the least.  I went thru the various - omg what did I do wrong? Should we have transferred 2?  How did this happen?   But in the end, I was reminded that it's never a guarantee. I've just been super lucky in the past.

And so we have regrouped and with some pestering to the clinic from my lovely IM, we are already cycling again!!  I started Lupron this week, I get to quit my bcps over the weekend and the first u/s & b/w is next Weds!

We have switched back to transferring  2 embies and fingers crossed that it will take this time :)

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