Thursday, August 6, 2015

Transfer Post - a little late.. #IVF #GestationalSurrogate

Okay I'm super late with this post but ... better late than never?  I'm blaming my pokey internet which has been doing nothing but being a pain in my hiney!

So let's go back a few days, shall we?

Transfer for journey #3 was on a Sunday!  Did you gasp?  Everyone was pretty amazed that they did transfers on Sunday but I heard of someone doing a transfer on Christmas day back when I transferred the twins so after that, nothing surprises me.

There was some talk of DH coming along with me since he wouldn't have to take time off, but then he realized that he hasn't been to a transfer yet (first transfer was IM & I, 2nd transfer was my bestie (Tooshie) and I b/c IPs were from Spain) and he didn't want to jinx it.  Forgive me if I already told this story b/c with my fickle internet, I'm not going back to look thru the last few posts. LOL.. Also meds make my brains fickle. lol.    So anyhoo Toosh came along with me for the transfer.

We went up Saturday to spend the night for our Sunday morning transfer.  On the way up, we stopped to get pedicures. Now technically we wanted cute turtles painted on our big toes but we didn't realize the place we stopped at didn't do designs.  :(  Bummer..

However we thought the colors of the fake flip flops were pretty significant :

Since we couldn't get our turtles, we decided to have accent  nails of each others colors done. lol. Yes, we are geeky like that.

We got to our hotel, went swimming for a bit and then went out for Lou's pizza. Another pre-transfer tradition!  Yummy, gotta have my Lou's!  Totally forgot pics of the Lou's but mmmmmm...

Last transfer, the agency booked our hotel room and so Toosh & I shared a king size bed.  This time, I booked the hotel so we each had our own queen size bed. lol.  I'm sure the highlight for Toosh was giving me my PIO shot again. That girl gets unbelievable pleasure giving me shots. lol.  Lucky for me, it's only once per surrogacy LOL!!

Finally Sunday morning arrived.  We met my IM there.. Love her :)  She was adorable and brought us both cute little goodie bags! Awww!!  and of course she brought me more meds.. lol.

Although we searched high and low, there were no froggie or elephant socks to be had this time around.  I did manage to find yellow & green socks that we mismatched to look adorable :)

the obligatory sock photo

You can't see our shirts (okay I don't have one on b/c I'm in my hospital gown) but I wore a green shirt & Toosh wore a yellow shirt. lol. We are all about our good luck.

IM, Me, Tooshie

Naturally we took our group shot just before going back so you can't see half our bling. lol.

Toosh made the elephant barrettes (which we all wore under our hairnets) and the turtle pins (which we pinned onto our scrubs). I found the froggie necklace (yay clearance @ Claires LOL!) and the bracelets- one is a turtle, one is elephant.   I think we covered all our bases ;)

 The IVF team is super awesome and I love them all to death.  We had the exact same team that got me pg with the Twins :)

Dr K (love that man) is such a sweet soul. You just can't help but love him to death.

We elected to put in just one embie but it as a great 6BA embie who was already hatching A LOT.
I mean look at this monster!

Transfer is pretty much over and done with quickly.  Tooshie video'd it which was pretty awesome so IM(J) could share it with IF (N).

Last time we got a cute little u/s picture printed out - we didn't get that this time for whatever reason.

So we took our first pregnancy picture just IM & I  :)  

No worries guys, I hope to have some ++ hpts to share soon.. Otherwise Beta is on the 12th !

-side note : I mentioned to IM about blurring out her face because my past 2 couples for various reasons didn't want to be identified.  IM is completely fine with me sharing her photo .  You can't imagine how excited that makes me. lol. It's the little things.

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