Thursday, January 7, 2016

1st Ultrasound!

The ultrasound was ....  interesting.

Both IPs were able to make it, along with their 3yo son :) It was a fun day!! We had lunch and then went off to our appointment!

Naturally as soon as I got there I had to pee.  I mean I was bouncing around in line waiting to check in I had to pee so bad. lol!  Got checked in and she told me to go ahead and sneak back and pee in a cup but ask the nurse to be sure.  I went right back and asked my nurse who is all "Let me make sure you don't need a full bladder for your ultrasound first."  I'm like dude, if you need a full bladder for my transvaginal ultrasound there are going to be some problems in the ultrasound room.. lol.  She finally came back and gave me the okay to use the restroom. 

OMG I felt soo much better!  As soon as I came out of the bathroom the ultrasound tech was there and was ready for me so I quickly grabbed the IPs and we all went back.

We start the ultrasound and techie is like Your bladder is really full.  Hello? I just peed!! Literally!  She ended up making me go try again. LOL!   How many times does that happen?

Finally settled back on the table, bladder relieved yet again.

And the ultrasound showed :

1 bigger looking sac with 1 heartbeat just beating away at 104 bpm, measuring 2.3mm - currently Baby A

1 smaller looking sac (posterior so makes it harder to see and the dot of an embryo isn't actually visible in this picture) with 1 heartbeat beating away at 107bpm, measuring at 2.4mm - currently Baby B

Also in the large sac is "something".  No heartbeat was noted at this time so it looks like Baby A embryo split into two but we are unsure if the other one took off.  I mean at this stage they are literally the size of a sesame seed - so TINY.  

I go back Jan 20 (8wks pg) for another ultrasound to count heartbeats. lol.  So who knows at this point!  Ahhh!

I think we all expected 2 with the beta numbers but 3? the ride home was more in shock. LOL!

I know I asked for prayers and good wishes that this all worked but people- you can uncross your fingers now.. We're good! LOL!

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  1. how did yesterday's ultrasound go? I've been following along!

    1. Ha! Sorry! These kiddos are wiping me out! I'll go update now! :)