Thursday, March 3, 2016

14 weeks :)

Hello my friends!  It's hard to believe we are finally 14 weeks and in the 2nd trimester! Woot!!  This have been moving along well.  I had some spotting on Monday and went into the dr for a check up on Tuesday.  I wasn't having any cramping so I wasn't super concerned but spotting is spotting and it's not normal!

First thing they did was an ultrasound! :) Yay! It's always so nice to see them ! Good news is that the babies are both looking wonderful.  Heartbeats were great and they were moving around (I can't wait to be able to feel that movement!!).  Both babies were measuring 2 days ahead (14w1d) .They are still laying in there stacked on top of each other like in little bunkbeds.  Silly girls! There's plenty of room, spread out!! :)   The u/s tech was able to determine that the spotting was due to one of the placentas being low lying and a tiny partial previa.  I've been told to expect spotting off and on but for now it's not a big worry b/c it's still very early and the placenta can move as my uterus grows.   I've spoken with several other friends who had the same issue and theirs all moved well before delivery.  And so we just watch it.  :)

Baby A was nice enough to give us profile shot :)

Baby B decided we should only get a front on skeletal view.. lol ;)

 14 Weeks -

At 14 weeks the babies are each the size of a lemon (or for those that like non-fruit comparisons - the size of a rubix cube). The sources say that morning sickness should be easing away and my appetite should be reappearing.  To those sources I say- try having twins.  Still taking my meds and still puking despite them a few times a week.  The appetite is pretty much non- existent but occasionally I have a moment of hunger :)

    How Big Is Baby: Dad-to-Be Edition
  • Baby's probably thumb sucking and wiggling his or her toes in there!
  • Baby's kidneys are making urine, and the liver and spleen are doing their jobs too.
  • And baby's growing lanugo, a thin, peach-fuzz-like hair, all over— it'll help keep the body warm!

 BabyFetus Ticker

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