Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Lining Check #1

On Tuesday (11/26), I had my first lining check & hormone levels drawn.

I am always grateful to know that I am able to do my monitoring for the cycle closer to home vs going all the way to FCI.  That would be quite a trek considering I have to have monitoring done weekly.  Ugh.  That means weekly blood draws.. We all know how I feel about the vampires.

My monitoring appointments are supposed to be in the morning and the clinic I'm using to monitor me is an hour away.  And so my mornings on monitoring days will always be hectic.   I dropped my kids off at school and headed straight to the appointment.

I didn't think to take any pictures this time.. Although I did take a picture to show Patricia as we were chatting waiting on my ultrasound.. lol..

Looks a REAL sheet - not a paper one!   Woot ! Woot!
Why yes, little things excite me.  It doesn't take much sometimes! lol!

My ultraound was done (during my *hopefully* last period) which just adds some extra  ick  factor to already having a wand stuck up your hoohaa.  

The vampire took 1 vial of blood.  She missed my vein the first time (it rolled, just like I told her they always do) and stabbed a bit harder than I was hoping for.  BLAH.

In the end- my lining was 6mm which the ultrasound tech said was great.  No cysts on the ovaries although lefty decided to play hide and seek this time.  I guess my ovaries are just camera shy...  FCI called me later in the day to let me know that my hormone levels all looked great.

And so now I am approved to move onto the next step  of the medication cycle -- on Friday, I will lower my lupron  from 20units to 5 units and add 2 estrogen patches.   I was reminded that Estrogen patches tend to make you hormonal.  Let the fun begin!

9 shots of Lupron down, only 17 more to go.. 

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