Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Medications begin!

As I left off last time, we had just finished up contracts in time for me to start medications.  Now technically, I've been on birth control pills for about two months which for me is starting medications because I don't normally take them.. However, when I said 'start medications'  I meant injectable medications.   ie. shots   *shudder*

Lupron- aka the drug that shuts down your ovaries and makes your body think you are now in menopause at a much too young age.  Expect: hot flashes, headaches, irritability

Each box comes complete with a vial of Lupron, lots of alcohol swabs & some lovely little needles.   They are so cute.  Completely harmless :)

Ignore the ugly comforter in the background, it was laundry day and my pretty stuff was unavailable.   One alcohol swab for the vial o' menopause, one alcohol swab for the lovely belly.

I'm skipping some pictures here..  My 17yo may have over- documented the first shot.  Let's just sum it up :  Wipe the top of the vial with your alcohol swab,  draw up as much air in your syringe as you plan to draw up lupron (20), shoot the air into the lupron vial (this makes it easier to draw the liquid out) and then draw up your 20units of medication.  Check for air bubbles.  Clean your tummy with the 2nd alcohol swab and then insert the needle.

I won't lie.  This last step (inserting the needle) probably took me a good five minutes. It's not that it really hurts, it doesn't.  It's the mental aspect of stabbing myself with a needle.  We can all clearly see that no one will ever have to worry about me committing suicide when I can't even poke myself with a tiny needle without first psyching myself up about it.. lol!

*Ignore the stretch marks*  And this is what happens when you hesitate when giving yourself a shot..  A lovely bruise to show off.. lol.

1 down, only 24 more to go (of Lupron.. ha).

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