Friday, January 24, 2014

Ultrasound #2 Update

I'm really really slow at updating.. Sorry guys!  I swear these babies make me want to sleep non-stop! ha.

I had my second ultrasound on Tuesday (1/21) and everything is looking good!  The babies are both growing right along and have excellent heartbeats!   I had to go to a different office (same OB) because they couldn't fit me into the schedule at my normal office and the IVF clinic wanted the second ultrasound done at a certain time.  (Demanding much?).  I didn't care as much for this ultrasound tech. She didn't get as good of pictures and kept commenting over and over on how Baby A's  bubble (gestational sac) was so much bigger than Baby B's.  Grrr!   For the record- the RE said that it is perfectly fine and not to worry.  Everyone is assuming that Baby A just implanted a few days ahead of Baby B.  Baby B still has a perfectly fine little 'house' , it's just that Baby A's is more of a mansion vs a cottage.

Anyway, the stats :

Baby A -  measuring 13.3mm , 7w5d with a heart rate of 150

Baby B - measuring 10.9mm, 7w2d with a heart rate of 156

For the record , I was 7w3d so as usual Baby A is just showing off and being an overachiever!   Everything is looking fine! Yay!  Also, I somehow managed to gain a pound! ha!

I am not officially released from the IVF clinic and can now finally continue on as a normal pregnant person.  I am still on my progesterone gel, estrogen pills (switched from patches b/c they were killing my skin), & baby aspirin until Feb 16.

My first official OB appt is Feb 12 and she is going to give me yet another ultrasound just to check on the babies gestational sacs and sizes.

Until then, Morning sickness is horrendous but I have a great pill (ob said it was basically B12 vitamin & antihistamine) which is working wonders but makes me sleepy.. ARGH! Just what I need, to be even more sleepy! ha! 

That's it for now!  I'll try to check in before the next appointment if this sleepiness ever lets up!  I think I'm going to have to invest in a laptop if I ever want to get any work done! lol!

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  2. Hi Kelly! It's Anne. I'm really happy to share this blog with all of u. I've been trying many times to handly by myself...anyhow I'm here! It's my first time writting in blogs! so cool to know every little details about my nephews. So glad to meet you Kelly! and for letting us be so well informed...Xxxooo