Thursday, July 16, 2015

Getting patchy :)

Hey guys!   It's been a week- not a lot new here right now.  The lovely lupron has been giving a few lovely lupron headaches. BLECK.   But so far nothing too bad.  I started my Favorite med (Not) the estrogen patches.

Maybe it's just me but taking a patch that is meant to stay on for 1 week, sticking it onto your body (I do my thighs) and then ripping it off again on the 2nd day to replace it with 2 new ones ... just not fun.  Last time I had to stop them towards the end (when I was up to 4 patches every other day) b/c I was breaking out in a rash like crazy from them.. So this time the nurse has me doing neosporin when I change ect.

My IM is super sweet and sent me some Bath & Body Works lotion & body wash. Yum! :)

So that's really it here. Nothing new. Next lining check is on Monday! :)

Medications so far this cycle : 

 Tons of BCPs
14 Lupron shots
4 estrogen patches

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