Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2nd Lining Check #3rdSurrogacy #IVF

Hey ladies ... and gentlemen ( although I kinda doubt I have any guy readers over here. lol)

I've been crazy busy so haven't even turned on my laptop this week. lol.  If you knew me at all, you'd realize how crazy that means! lol!

So I had my 2nd lining check on Monday (7/20) and all is looking good !

Lining was 9.7 ! The u/s tech was impressed :)

Bloodwork went well. I had a different vampire phlebotomist but she got me first stick :) We discussed my tattoo (semicolon on my wrist) and she gave me matching wrap for my arm. Matching again? I am GOOD!

Now I just have to remember to wear green on Friday and I'll be set for the last color they have. lol!

Click here if you are anything like me and want to compare how things are going this cycle vs the one with the twins (who are going to be ONE in exactly ONE week! omg omg omg!! )

Medications so far this cycle : 

 Tons of BCPs
21 Lupron shots
10 Estrogen patches (Minivelle 0.10 mg)
9 Baby Aspirin
3 Estradiol tablets (2mg)

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