Thursday, July 9, 2015

1st Lining Check - #Surrogacy #ThirdJourney

Today was the first lining check for this cycle.  I admit that I was the slightest hint of a bit nervous.

You see, I started Lupron a day early last week because my body did not like being on bcps past the normal time and decided that despite the bcps telling everything "Don't Worry, Be Happy!" it was time to start shedding that useless lining anyway. ARGH.   So spotting for a week makes one the tiniest hint of a bit nervous. lol  There's a first time for everything.  As my nurse coordinator said, my body was just ready to GO GO GO!! lol.

I'm still monitoring at the clinic 45mins away :) They are super duper nice there!  I showed up 30 mins early and the waiting room had one couple and another woman sitting there.  I signed in and settled down to play some games on my phone to pass the time. Didn't even get a game loaded before they called me back. LOL!  Sorry waiting peeps, apparently I get first class service - frequent flier and all :)

Right into the lining check first off - they got a new machine since last time and that means no mashing my body trying to find stubborn hidden ovaries!  Both ovaries showed up for pictures and were appropriately suppressed :)  Lining was nice and thin - which is what we want.  I asked the ultrasound tech what the lining measurement was and she printed me off a little sheet! Lol! Naturally I compared to my last journey! lol !

Then off to the vampire.  Today's vampire was named Brook and she was great! We discussed the merits of Costco & Sam's Club (she has memberships to both, I just have Sam's but am thinking of jumping ship.. lol). She got me on the first poke and then did the best thing EVER. She offered me my choice of tape, a bandaid  OR a wrap.  OMG! I felt like a little kid getting a wrap but I hate the tape and my skin always breaks out. So wrap for me :)  She gave me blue to match my shirt. lol!

Excuse the hair, it was drizzling rain :(

So now, I'm just waiting on the call from FCI to let me know that my bloodwork came back fine and the first step is done!  

Medications so far this cycle : 

 Tons of BCPs
7 Lupron shots

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