Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Final Liniing check & bloodwork #3rdSurrogacy #IVF

Friday was my final lining check & bloodwork :)

Lining was 9.5 - basically same as before and anything over 8 is good :)
Estrogen was up to 260!  Yep, just throw a few pills at me and it goes up nicely! Lol!

So everything looks great for transfer on Sunday!   Woot ! Woot!

Last night was my very last Lupron.  Ohh how I'll miss the fake menopause.  Okay, no not really. lol.  I did fairly good giving myself those tiny shots (I hate needles with a passion) and only got 3-4 bruises total.  Yay me!   If you want to know more about Lupron or giving those shots, I wrote about it during my last surrogacy - here.   You are welcome. lol.

Today I started the crazy list of meds . It is so crazy that I put it all into my phone calendar so I don't accidentally forget one of the zillions of meds I'm taking throughout the day. lol! 

Medrol  Medrol is a steroid which is used for it's anti-inflammatory to keep everything happy in the uterus for  transfer.  My instructions say  4xday but the dosage I got sent is only 1 x day - works for me!! My IVF nurse says different clinics do a different way but it's ultimately the same dosage so it's fine. I'm thinking why in the world would we NOT do just one pill per day vs 4 different timed out dosages if we can?! lol

Doxycylin  Doxy is an antibiotic which is used to decrease the chance of infection from the IVF process. It could also treat any early infection that you aren't showing signs of yet, again helping increase your chance of becoming pregnant.  I take this twice per day - not so tough, one in the morning & one at night.)

Endometrin  Endometrin is a form of progesterone. Progesterone is a natural hormone that is often used to help your uterine lining receive & nourish an embryo.  In a normal pregnancy your body produces enough progesterone on it's own. During IVF, your body is a blank slate and the drs give medication to make your levels be where they should until your body realizes HEY I'm pregnant and takes over :)   During my 1st surrogacy, I only did the PIO (progesterone in oil) shots. 2nd pregnancy I was informed that between 1 & 2 the clinic had done away with PIO and went to only vaginal inserted progesterone but due to clients freaking out at a lower progesterone # in bloodwork, they added PIO back in.  *sigh* lucky me.   So my instructions are to do these three times per day. Fun times people ... fun times.  I will say that last time I had the Crinone Gel which these tablets seem a bit less ... messy.? lol.    Click here to read about my experience with the Crinone gel. 

PIO shots PIO = progesterone in oil.  Same reason as above only it's a vicious needle eager to make lumps on my bum.. lol.   Just one per night - Thank God!!)

Meds I'm already on :

Estradoil  patches    Estrace & Estradoil help build the lining of the uterus. You  might recall that last time I had the minivelle patches which are round and I could make cute patterns like Mickey Mouse.. These are rectangular and lack the ability to make cute things. lol I'm currently up to 4 patches every other day.

Estrace Pills ( more estrogen)
Baby Aspirin 
Prenatal Vitamins (yay folic acid!)

And that my dears is just about it for now!  I'll update again after transfer.  Keep everything crossed for us on Sunday!! :)

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